Fraternity          High Quality          Environment-friendly

Our pursuit is to share fraternity, high efficiency, wealth and happiness with our staff.

We provide chemical products and services with higher quality and better environment-friendly features for
industrial surface treatment processes.

We strive for the continuous improvement of the national living environment.


2007 Wecan Surface Technology was founded in 2007 in Shunde, Guangdong. The initial target was to promote environment-friendly coating pretreatment chemicals and high quality anodizing additives in aluminum wheel and aluminum profile industries.

2010 By 2010, the company gradually expanded its business from coating pretreatment chemicals to other industries such as elevators, home appliances, auto parts etc., establishing the business philosophy of “Fraternity, High Quality, Environment-friendly”.

2016 Since 2016, we've extended the application of surface treatment technologies to more industrial fields. That is to provide overall surface treatment solutions and chemical supply chain management for the production, assembly and maintenance of industrial products.